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What is owl trustee hub?

The most awesome, fresh solution for PTSD, Covid chaos & climate change

We are a planetary alignment social vision created by the story of interbeing, for the healing of individual & collective trauma.

We are a co-creative conscious cooperation movement that is spending 78% of our energy on aligning with the movement of interbeing that is emerging.

We spend 9% of our energy on healing the wounds of the past that we live in and 13% on standing in our authentic self-truth & governance.


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Design your post-military life

When you were in the military, you rolled out of bed every day with a sense of purpose, a mission, and a team around you. You spent your boring days in the mili...

Life After Deployment

Healing, growth and restoration after war are not only possible, but probable. We accomplish this restoration, healing, growth AND HOMECOMING, through many diff...

What we do Weekends

Step out of time for a weekend and come to our Sacred ranch. Be in sacred time while you learn how to live a homesteading lifestyle. Even if you live in city li...

Dare to matter weeks

Dare to matter weeks give you the opportunity to step into sacred time, release the grip of covid-19 and trauma, be involved in developing our various projects ...


Contribute to your children & grandchildren’s future in a fresh, joyous way

Owl Trustee Blog

Stories of healing from PTSD and living naturally and vibrantly through covid-19

The Sun is in Ophiuchus

After 6 short days in the constellation of Scorpius, the Sun has orbited into the constellation of Ophiuchus today! This constellation was removed by the Babylo...

The sun is in the constellation of Scorpius

As we are heading to the winter solstice, and the big Saturn Jupiter conjunction of a century, the sun has made its yearly voyage into the constellation of Scor...

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